• [integrations] It is now possible to connect an iFood account, this will allow you to view iFood reviews in the inbox as well as respond from the inbox.

  • [integrations] It is now possible to connect a LinkedIn account, this will enable you to publish posts to LinkedIn business pages through the publisher

  • [publisher] A new 'unavailable pages' section is added to the account selection step on the publisher showing pages that do not have the correct permissions to publish. This section allows you to 'soft reconnect' those accounts to enable them for publishing directly.

  • [inbox] Added a new 'Task Overdue' filter, allowing you to easily filter on tasks that are overdue/not overdue

  • [inbox] The completed folder now has a count as well, showing the count of completed posts in the last 2 months (as the inbox is limited to 2 months of data)

  • [inbox] The completed by filter has been moved from the filters section to the main toolbar (in the same fashion as the user filter on teamtasks), to allow for easier filtering

  • [smartfolders] A new 'Apply' mechanic has been added to the smartfolder dropdown which allows you to apply the stored filters from a smartfolder onto the inbox currently being viewed (in effect viewing that smartfolder from the perspective of the selected inbox and location)

  • [teamtasks] Added a new 'Task Overdue' filter on the overview and progress board pages, allowing you to easily filter on tasks that are overdue/not overdue

  • [publicapi] A new parameter 'allow_empty' has been added to all feed-based endpoints which when set to true allows empty reviews (reviews without text or where text is below 10 characters) to be returned as well

  • [publicapi] A new parameter 'do_shuffle' has been added to the newly released sampled reviews endpoints which when passed as false disables randomization (effectively returning the reviews in chronological order)


  • [inbox] Inbox performance has improved across the board with the biggest improvements noticeable in post tagging, post-completion and inbox detail retrieval

  • [inbox] Post and comment delete modals now show the post/comment that is about to be deleted as part of the confirmation modal.

  • [inbox-manualfeedback] You can now upload 4 attachments to manual feedback

  • [inbox-manualfeedback] You can now upload mp4 video files as attachments to manual feedback

  • [inbox-manualfeedback] A 'saving' state is now being rendered when the manual review is being created/saved to prevent longer operations (such as file uploads) from feeling unresponsive.

  • [inbox-manualfeedback] Certain (less-used) options are now moved to an 'Additional Options' section to ensure the submit button is visible when viewing the manual reviews sidebar

  • [inbox-teamtasks] The team tasks assigned users component is now aligned with the assigned users view in the team task detail modal.

  • [inbox] Popovers with a create view such as quick replies and post tagging will now allow you to go back from the create view to the list view

  • [inbox] Integrations where multiple media attachments can be added (such as Twitter and manual reviews) now allow reordering of attachments through drag and drop

  • [inbox] Image attachments in comments can now be magnified as well

  • [inbox] Actions such as likes, retweets, upvote, downvote, complete, uncomplete, ... now show a loader on the action itself when being run

  • [inbox] An overlay is now shown on the full post detail when deleting the post

  • [inbox] An overlay is now shown on the selected inbox list items when completing/uncompleting

  • [inbox] An overlay is now shown on the reply component when it is processing a reply/edit

  • [inbox] The gallery component now automatically generates thumbnails for videos rather than hiding videos without thumbnails

  • [smartfolders] Clearing filters when on a smart folder will now reset to the original smart folder config rather than an empty slate

  • [smartfolders] The smart folder view/edit modal has been revamped and now boasts a sidebar, shortcut to the rename modal and allowing you to delete/ unassign straight from the edit/view modal.

  • [smartfolders] A success page has been added to the smart folder create modal

  • [smartfolders] Added a new empty state when no smart folders exist

  • [insights] Instagram social follower insights have been adjusted to work with the lifetime rather than daily values

  • [general] The TripAdvisor logo used across the platform has been updated to reflect TripAdvisor's new branding

  • [general] Styling changes across the inbox to improve on consistency, ease of use, and experience.

  • [publisher] Instagram and Facebook file size limit has been bumped up from 10MB to 50MB

  • [publisher] It is no longer required to enhance your Instagram account for publishing

  • [PublicAPI] All feed-based endpoints now return reviews based off of the last 6 months (rather than last 2 months) of data

  • [insights] Social insights line charts now automatically humanize values (eg: 3270 -> 3.27K, 452985 -> 4.53M)


  • [publisher] Fixed a Twitter text validation bug where the character limit was seen as above the max

  • [integrations-foursquare] Fixed an edge case glitch where detail retrieval would sometimes fail if avatars didn't exist

  • [inbox] Fixed an edge case issue where card displays with an image would squeeze the image if not in the correct aspect ratio

  • [teamtasks] Fixed an edge case glitch due to a missing import

  • [teamtasks] Fixed an issue where the delete button would be shown if the user had an update but not delete permissions

  • [smartfolders] Fixed an issue where deleting the active smartfolder would not automatically select the next remaining smartfolder or inbox

  • [inbox-twitter] Fixed an edge case issue where following a Twitter user would not go through

  • [inbox-twitter] Fixed an edge case issue where responding with media on Twitter posts would not go through

  • [publisher] Fixed a bug where list/calendar view on the schedule page would not be aligned due to different dates being used for rendering

Phew! That was a big release! 💪

If you have any questions? Make use of our Help Center, or get in touch via your support chatbot in the AreTheyHappy dashboard and we'll get back to you asap. 🎉

We hope that you know by now that your suggestions are welcome! Your feedback matters to us. Our goal is to give you the best possible product and service. So, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you and your team! 🚀

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