Here are some great upgrades to help you analyse your customer data better on AreTheyHappy. Read on to find out what's new to the platform this month! 🚀

🎉 Improvements to the Insights

Go to Insights > Reputation and Click on the Company Rating

  • You'll see a breakdown over the last 12 months of the average scores, cumulative scores, number of new reviews, and (rating/star) distribution data etc. (See Image below.)

    To find out more about your reputation insights, click on this help article.

Go to Insights > Tags > Driver Evolution

  • Scroll down to the absolute bottom of the page and you'll find a panel called the "Driver Evolution." It breaks down quantity (number of tags) and sentiment per choice driver. (See Image below.)

🎉 NEW Review Deep-Dive report

You can now export a new PDF Review that deep-dives into each major review channel, i.e. Google Report, TripAdvisor Report etc.:

  • location ranking,

  • number of new reviews,

  • sentiment breakdown,

  • top applied tags,

  • and a link to a downloadable excel file with the list of reviews
    NB: Results are not combined at the moment.

🎉 Lexer for Outlook

A Lexer system has been applied to emails in your inbox. So, instead of plain text, we can now render images and links (where possible).

🎉 Workflow Automation - New "Textual Conditions"

  • When creating rules for Workflow Automation, you now have more control and precision in defining your rules. Specifically, you can decide on whether to match on "full words only" or 'word-stems." By default, it will be set to match on full words only.

  • Text is no longer case-sensitive. So, "delivery" will now pick up both "Delivery" and delivery."

Take Note:

🎉 Improvements to the ATH Public API

  • The 1.3 version of the ATH Public API now allows external services to implement Single-Sign-On (SSO). It is now possible to generate authorization links for users.

  • Building on the previous release, the score insights endpoints on both company and location level now return the number of cumulative reviews a score is based on.

  • Make sure to share the following with your developers: (i) Changelog, and (ii) Documentation.

  • No access yet? Reach out and let us know via your chatbot.

🎉 Some Fixes and Improvements

  • Outlook web hooks have now been implemented, which means messages will come in almost instantly. (Thank you, @Rockets Team)

  • Fixed a glitch on the Publisher where large images (eg: 3000x3000+) would fail to upload. (Thank you @Happy Tosti)

  • Fixed a glitch where some comments wouldn't render if they contained links that were encapsulated in parentheses due to a regex replacement issue. (Thank you, @Grosso Napoletano)

Keep the great feedback coming! We do our best to test and re-test everything before it goes live but we can't always catch every scenario. Your help is invaluable in keeping up the great quality of user experience and interface on AreTheyHappy. 🙏

🤓 For the techies among us, check out the full Changelog for Sprint 74 here.

P.S. Possible fix to TripAdvisor enhance is coming up. We'll keep you posted.

And voila! That's another good sprint. 🍻

If you have questions?

Head over to our Help Center, or get in touch via your support chatbot in the AreTheyHappy dashboard and we'd be happy to hear from you. 🎉

Your feedback genuinely matters to us.

Our goal is to give you the best possible product and service. So, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you and your team!

Have a fantastic week,
The AreTheyHappy Crew

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