"I see a slight discrepancy in my scores." 


There are a few reasons why there could be changes. What's important to remember is that the data we pull in are "live public reviews." They are not static. Review owners can delete their reviews, update their ratings (i.e. lower their rating from 5 to 4 stars, or vice-versa, 4 to 5 stars), and they can also update the content of their reviews -whenever they want.

  1. We recalculate the entire historical set for every location every few hours. The reason we do this is because a review might have been changed/deleted recently - as mentioned above.

  2. If a channel gets added to a location, i.e. delivery, surveys etc., once that new channel's insights are calculated the score will be re-evaluated historically to incorporate the new channel's data.

  3. The cumulative is based on everything up until the end day of that period. So any changes in the last few days, i.e. new, deleted or updated reviews will change the cumulative average score.

  4. Bear in mind that channels such as TripAdvisor/Google My Business actively remove reviews that don't follow their channels' Terms and Conditions. If this happens our first connect system will pick up on that and as such be taken into account.

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