TripAdvisor is one of the most used integrations on AreTheyHappy. A lot of people use the platform, and so responding to TripAdvisor reviews is essential.

Responding to TripAdvisor is not available on the official TripAdvisor API, and we've developed a work around for you, which we refer to as the TripAdvisor "enhanced connection."

While we do our very best to keep this system running smoothly, there are certain factors that affect the reliability of this feature that are out of our control.

If you encounter issues to responding successfully, the first step is to consult this article: it's a quick step-by-step guide on troubleshooting connection issues.

Now, what are the other reasons for a failed TripAdvisor response?

Whenever you submit an owner response from AreTheyHappy, those responses are not immediately published on your TripAdvisor page.

If, immediately after you post a response from your AreTheyHappy Inbox, you click on the deep-link for that TripAdvisor review, you will see that, in your TripAdvisor Management Center, your new "owner response" will still be flagged as "Response pending". (See image below.)

This is the same as if you sent an "owner response" responded via the TripAdvisor Management Center itself.

Why is there a delay?

Once a response from you is submitted, TripAdvisor will carry out their own internal security checks to make sure that all owner responses are valid and fall within their guidelines. Once satisfied, they approve your response(s).

To summarize:

  1. Once you click a response, the first status is "Response Pending."

  2. When the response is approved, the status will change to “Response Published.”

How long before your Management Response is posted?

The majority of Management Responses will be reviewed and posted within a few business days. If there is a question of whether your response meets all of TripAdvisor's guidelines, it will take longer to process.

For more info click here:
TripAdvisor Guidance re Response Management, and
TripAdvisor Management Response Guidelines

Note: There are certain situations where owner responses are rejected. If this happens to you, you will see a "Response Rejected" status on your TripAdvisor Management Center.

What can you do to reply to rejected responses?

Don't worry, once AreTheyHappy detects that a response has been rejected by TripAdvisor, we have systems in place to make sure your previously submitted replies are not lost.

In other words, if you've responded and completed a TripAdvisor review, but it comes back in your inbox, we will notify you that:

  • TripAdvisor has failed to publish a particular response: "Failed to publish reply. Please try again on the TripAdvisor platform." (See image below.)

Next, take the following steps:

  1. Copy and paste your original response.

  2. Then, click on the "Reply on TripAdvisor" button, which will redirect you to the TripAdvisor Management Center.

  3. Look for the specific review on the TripAdvisor Management Center list of review.

  4. Paste your reply in the text box.

  5. Click the "Write a new response" button to edit and publish your reply again.

Note: If you've done the steps above and TripAdvisor still rejects your responses, we advise you to reach out to TripAdvisor to find out why your responses are being rejected.

What if a user deletes their TripAdvisor response? Or TripAdvisor deletes a response?

Don't worry, we keep all reviews in your AreTheyHappy Inbox, but to make sure that your AreTheyHappy "Insights" are reliable, we re-process your TripAdvisor reviews and ratings every night, i.e. we pull in all the latest TA reviews again and check if anything was deleted to make sure everything matches.

Reviews deleted by a User or TripAdvisor itself will no longer show in the TripAdvisor Platform or TripAdvisor Management Center.

And... voila! That's everything you need to know about responding to TripAdvisor. If you have further questions, reach out via your support chat at the bottom of your screen. We are happy to help! :)

Ciao for now!
The AreTheyHappy Crew

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