• [publicapi] Two new webhooks have been added to the public API: COMPANY:INSIGHTS:UPDATED and LOCATION:INSIGHTS:UPDATED, these are respectively sent out when the last known company score changes and the last known location score changes.


  • [publisher] Using a stored caption will now append the caption to the text in the composer rather than overriding it.

  • [publisher] When editing an existing draft, the save button will now be disabled when the draft is not valid. This prevents edits of posts that are already in the queue from trying to be published with invalid data.

  • [insights] Applying sorting on the reputation insights/survey/flow insights overview tables will not flip the direction anymore when becoming active

  • [usersettings] Adding a push notification channel will now by default turn on influencer/urgent notifications for that channel.

  • [tags] The statistics re positive/negative/neutral at the top of the tags page now change based on the search results

  • [global] UX/UI Adjustments for more consistency across the app.


  • [publisher] Fixed an issue where scheduled dates would not be applied correctly in the history/schedule timelines. (Thanks @Happy Tosti)

  • [publisher] Fixed an issue where the 'Copy From' mechanic would cause image identifiers to become invalid when working with a channel that didn't previously exist on a stored post. (Thanks @Social Capital)

  • [flow] Fixed an issue where flow category conditions would not match in many-to-many comparison scenarios

  • [insights] Fixed an issue with rank trend calculation in company location overview (released as hotfix at start of sprint)

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