Question 1: A review has been posted by Customer on the wrong location can I delete the review on AreTheyHappy?

Answer: The connection between a location on AreTheyHappy and a review or social channel is based on the link that you paste or connect during your "first connect" in the Locations & Groups page. Customer errors like this do happen, i.e. they post on the wrong location. However, it’s not possible to swap reviews around or delete them in AreTheyHappy - or in the original review platform itself.

However, you can report such reviews on the original platform and see if they are happy to delete it.

Question 2: A customer has deleted their review on the original platform, can I delete it on AreTheyHappy?

Answer: Reviews that have been pulled into AreTheyHappy and then later deleted on the original platform stay in AreTheyHappy. They are not deleted.

The only way to remove such reviews is to do a "hard delete."

To do a "hard delete," you need to go to the Locations and Groups settings page and completely disconnect the channel [x]. Note: This is a destructive process in that you 'delete' the previous data set.

When you reconnect, you will in effect do a "first connect" again, i.e. where we pull in all available data. (Hopefully, the channel, i.e. Google, Facebook, etc. gives us the same data, but that is their prerogative and cannot be guaranteed).

Note: You may need to wait an hour before reconnecting your page on AreTheyHappy. If the deleted review is still there, we advise that you revisit the next day to reconnect. Each review platform can have different behavior or rules on when they update the list of reviews provided to third-party apps like AreTheyHappy.

ex: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter can be reconnected a couple of minutes after the review/post was removed. For others, like TripAdvisor, it may take longer for the changes to effect their system.

I hope these answer your questions for now.

If this system changes in the future, you'll be the first to know.

And, if you have further questions or encounter any difficulties, please let us know via your support chat. We're happy to investigate with you!

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