• [users] A shortcut to the permissions tab on the user detail modal has been added in the ellipsis menu on users and rights lists

  • [users] The user detail modal now also boasts a 'Details' tab showing a small overview of profile information (email, timezone, creation date, etc) alongside some action shortcuts for that user.

  • [users] It is now possible to search on locations in the locations and notifications tabs on the user detail modal


  • [integrations] We have migrated to the new iFood API, providing more reliability (eg: reviews are no longer only available when not responded to) as well as a different authentication mechanism (eg: the new iFood API no longer works based off of username-password combination but uses the merchant id

  • [teamtasks] It is now possible to search on feed title/text/username as well on the teamtasks overview/history/progress board pages

  • [users] The user details modal has been revamped and now uses our sidebar modal interface

  • [users] Textual warnings on most user modals have been adjusted to provide more context as to what the outcome of an action will be

  • [users] The user invite modal on users and rights now has a success screen added to it

  • [insights] Trend arrows across all widgets are now based on 2 decimals of precision

  • [insights] Values in all chart tooltips are now rounded to 2 decimals of precision


  • [publisher] Fixed an issue where visuals for linked-in-only posts would not be correctly rendered (released as hotfix)

  • [general] Fixed an issue where newer versions of Chrome would not automatically expand multiline text areas on initial rendering

  • [general] Fixed an issue where a 'Do you want to save changes' modal would always pop up on the personal settings page if the user didn't have an avatar set. (released as hotfix)

  • [reports] Weekly and monthly email reports are now sent out on the 2nd day of the week for weeklies and the 2nd day of the month for monthlies to account for differences in timezones when generating insights. (released mid-sprint)

  • [reports] Fixed an issue where downloads directly from weekly/monthly/custom email reports wouldn't work in newer versions of Google Chrome (released as hotfix)

  • [reports] Fixed an issue with the new company-wide integration report where the company average rating evolution would not be correct (released as hotfix)

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