Most customers have a generic company email account to manage their different social and review channels - which never changes. This “master” email address is the same email address that they then use to enhance their TripAdvisor account on AreTheyHappy.

Once enhanced, we adopt the “user name” set in the TripAdvisor management centre when you post a response via your AreTheyHappy inbox.

Now, if a colleague has enhanced their TA account via their personal TripAdvisor account, then it is her user name that is adopted in the management responses.

Their user name is not something that we can set on AreTheyHappy’s side. This is done on TripAdvisor itself. So, next step is to advise your colleague to log in to their TripAdvisor account, click "View Profile" then edit their profile.

Small Note: Updating one’s user name will change how it is displayed for ‘future’ management responses and this action is not retroactive, i.e. it will not remove the name previously associated with the management response.

Let us know if updating the colleague's user name helps.

What if you are the ADMIN and would like to update all Public Response Names for all your Different Locations

If as an admin, you'd like to centralize the way public names are displayed on all your different locations, you'll have to make adjustments to each location on your TripAdvisor Management Center.

1. Go to Help & Settings
2. Select "Manage User Access"

3. Click on the Selected User

4. Update their Profile

5. Move on to the next location and do the same.

Image: Steps 1 and 2

Image: Steps 3

Image: Steps 4

If you encounter further issues, please don't hesitate to reach out via your support chat!

The AreTheyHappy crew 🎉

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