Setup your “Review Generation” survey template in 1 minute and distribute your new survey via email, QR code or Kiosk mode.

In this way, you can start automatically generating more positive reviews on Google and TripAdvisor! (And, at the same time, make sure negative feedback stays internal. 🤫)

How does it work?

If a survey respondent gives your location a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5 stars, the survey will show a button that redirects the customer either Google or TripAdvisor, where they can add a review for potential customers to see.

HOWEVER, if the customer gives your location a rating of 3-stars or lower on your survey, their feedback stays internal. This 'negative' but immensely valuable feedback can then be tracked, analysed and improved by the team, internally.

Note: In this first few weeks, only locations that have Google MyBusiness accounts connected will be able to show this redirect button.

If the selected location on the survey does not have a Google MyBusiness account connected, the customer will be shown the feedback question instead.

Contact us to find out the latest.

How to create a Review Generating Survey

1`. Go to Surveys and click the Create button.

2. Select the "Generate more reviews" survey type from the templates section.

3. Fill out the details and customize the questions of your survey.

4. Save your survey as draft, then Publish it live.

5. Share with your customers the Survey URL, QR Code, or send a Survey Batch Emails.

And that's how you generate more positive reviews using Surveys.


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