Q: Why is it important to "complete" items in my inbox?

A: The number of "completed items" is a metric that we measure. It is currently assumed that once a social media manager/guest experience manager/location manager completes an item in the inbox, they've taken ownership and dealt with the item in the way they see fit, i.e. respond/not respond etc. - in accordance with your company's internal SLA.

  1. Click [✓] to complete an item.

  2. Click [✎] to bulk complete.*

  3. Click [Send and Complete] to reply to a post and mark it complete in one action.

    *Bulk Complete - For more guidance on bulk completion, scroll halfway down this article for simple step-by-step instructions to bulk complete inbox items.

⚠️ Important Note: We do our very best to bring you all relevant integrations, and every possible message type within those integrations into your Inbox. However, we rely on our third party partners like Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor and Google etc. to provide access and functionality via their APIs.

The quality of APIs varies between integration partners. Some allow you to respond to all message types; some don't.

We have developed a small workaround for you when you are unable to respond directly from your Inbox. Click the "deep link" icon. (See following image.)

Clicking on the "deep link" will redirect you to the original platform where you can like or respond directly. But, just don't forget to come back to your Inbox and mark the item as complete.

⚠️ Note on Deep Links: Often, you will need to be an admin user for the page in question, i.e. Facebook or TripAdvisor because you need to have the permission to manage the page on the original platform itself.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via your support chat!

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