Question: Hi Team, I need to reconnect 2 accounts everyday, and it is always the same 2 that needs reconnecting. Could you tell me why as i always get a notification that everything is fixed.

Answer: Thank you for reporting this, and we apologise for the inconvenience. Let us try to help out below. This is the exact same troubleshooting process we would take if we were in your shoes, by the way.

Mini Background:

When you see the Issue Analyzer it means that action needs to be taken to reconnect a social media or review integration.

The Issue Analyzer is triggered when we have tried several times to pull in data, but connect. A connection can break when someone changes a password or changes the settings, OR ( the integration itself (Facebook, Instagram, GMB, Instagram or Formitable etc.) updates something in the code that breaks the connection.

Further reasons a connection can break is if you have connected that social media page or review page to more than 1 location/branding page at the same time. Or, if at the point of connecting, the person (aka a FB or IG admin) connecting did NOT click "Select All" pages. (i.e. Steps 3-7 for Facebook or Instagram pages). - In these situations, we have also noticed that this can regularly break the connection as well.

But, it's easy to fix. :)

Assuming the pages in question are Facebook and Instagram, simply go to Settings > Locations and Groups > Disconnect completely [x]. Then, carefully reconnect following the step-by-step guides for Steps 3-7 for Facebook or Instagram, especially clicking "Select all." :)

And that's it. See if there are steps you can test.

However, don't worry. If you encounter further difficulties, we are here to help. Reach out via your support chat and we'll hop on it as soon as we can. :)

Take care and talk soon,

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