Flow Rules can automatically create Team Tasks when your rule's conditions are triggered. These Team Tasks are then assigned to specific users in your company.

Another way to set up Flow rules is to assign Team Tasks to User Roles; when a Flow rule is triggered, all of your team members with the same user role as the one configured on the Flow rule is assigned to the task.

How to assign tasks to User Roles

  1. Create or Edit a Flow rule.

  2. Under "Outcomes" select Add Teamtask.

  3. For the "Assign To" section of the teamtask, select User roles from the dropdown.

  4. Then, click the + button below the dropdown. Select the user role that you wish to assign the teamtask to. (ex: Location Manager)

  5. When a new post comes in to your inbox that matches the conditions on your Flow rule, all users with the user role "Location Manager" are assigned to the teamtask.

Note: only active user accounts will be assigned to teamtasks.

And that's how you can create future-proof Flow rules by setting them up to assign teamtasks to User Roles.


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