• [integrations] It is now possible to reply to Instagram mentions from the inbox

  • [inbox] A new 'send and complete' button has been added to the reply interface

  • [surveys] It is now possible to pre-select the location when loading a survey URL

  • [surveys] It is now possible to provide additional information (visit date, last name, first name, email, phone, language) as part of the survey URL through an encoded property called 'ath_flow'


  • [integrations] Instagram Enhance mode has been migrated to work with the new IG Messenger API, existing accounts will have to reconnect and grant additional permissions to enable this functionality.

  • [integrations] We are now showing inline email attachments for Gmail and Outlook

  • [general] We have revamped the styling of app-wide notifications to allow for better readability and improved consistency with the rest of the webapp

  • [general] We have improved the detail of error messages for most integrations when an action taken in the inbox isn't successful.

  • [publicapi] 1.3: We have expanded our bulk upload endpoint by allowing uploads through an externally hosted file (bypassing file_url)

  • [reports] Standard reports have been revamped completely, the following is a highlight:

    • It is now possible to get a single report consisting of data from multiple locations/groups

    • Reports include data from both the selected period and past periods (to allow for easy comparison)

    • Group Ranking is included in reports including multiple groups (or company-wide reports)

    • Sentiment distribution on a driver level across multiple periods

    • Inbox Engagement Summary (Completion percentage, replied percentage, etc)


  • [reports] The 'Channel selection' step for standard reports in the report download modal has been removed


  • [insights] Neutral sentiment for ML Deepdive is now aligned with the neutral sentiment being applied for all ML Automated insights

  • [general] Fixes for small graphical glitches regarding interface responsiveness on different screen sizes and devices.

  • [general] Fixed a glitch where internal email blacklist errors would be thrown if the provided email contained Umlaut characters

  • [reports] Fixed an edge case glitch where the company-wide excel report would not generate

  • [reports] Fixed a glitch where review previews would not show up in emails and reports

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