Utilizing AreTheyHappy Surveys is a great way to further collect valuable feedback from your customers. We're happy to show you another enhancement we've added to our platform that lets you take control of your Surveys.

A new configuration has been added that allows you to handpick locations associated with your Surveys. This means that when your customer is filling out your survey, the locations/branches dropdown will only show a list that truly applies to that particular survey.

Here's an example: Let's say that your company is comprised of 20 locations across Central Europe. Only a handful of those locations specialize in Burgers, while the rest are Breweries. You can now create a survey with questions specifically crafted to know what the perfect burger is based on your loyal customers' preferences.

This survey can be configured so that customers can only select which location he/she is frequently visiting.

Note: this new setting can be applied to new and existing surveys that you already have set up on your account.

How can I Configure Surveys for specific Groups/Locations/Labels?

There are two ways to access this setting: (i) from the Survey Composer when you create a new or edit an existing survey, and (ii) from the Surveys List for draft and published surveys.

Survey Composer

1 - Click the + button to create a new survey or click "Edit" from the actions dropdown selection for an existing survey.

2 - Expand the "Welcome Page" panel and click "Customize" to open the Surveys Location Configuration modal

3 - The default setting enabled is a Company Setting - the location dropdown will show all locations on your company

4 - Click the toggle to disable the default company setting. The "Customize Location Dropdown" will now be enabled.

5 - To select specific locations, click the + button next to the "Location(s)" label. A pop up will appear where you can tick locations you want to enable for the survey. The list will show your company's configured hierarchy (groups and sub-groups).

Note: if a new location is created that needs to be part of this survey, you will need to reconfigure this and add the new location.

6 - Alternatively, you can select entire groups or labels to automatically link all locations under those groups/labels. New locations added or moved to a group/label will automatically be enabled for the survey without the need to update this configuration.

7 - Click the Apply Changes button to save your progress. The Survey Locations Configuration will be closed. The Welcome Page panel will show the selected Group(s) and/or Location(s) names you have selected and the number of total locations selected.

8 - Lastly, click the Save Changes button to save the survey. After that, every time your survey is loaded, only the configured locations will be available on the dropdown.

Survey List

1 - From the Surveys List, click the ellipsis of the survey you want to configure

2 - Click Settings from the dropdown

3 - Click the Location Selector from the side navigation panel to access the Survey Locations Configuration options.

...and that is it! You now have your Surveys configured for your handpicked Groups and Locations.

From here on out, all of the survey answers you will see on your Survey Insights will be correctly linked to the location that your customer visited.

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