We understand that every feedback from your customer matters. When asking your customers to fill out a survey, even if it's an answer to 1 of 10 questions, it's still information worth having.

AreTheyHappy Surveys system has been improved so that all survey answers from your customers are saved. If your customer starts answering a survey you created and decides to stop halfway or whatever other reason it may be, you will be able to access the incomplete answer on your Surveys Insights page.

Here's an example: an NPS survey with 3 questions: NPS question, Feedback, and Star Rating question. A feedback from a customer that only answered the first question (NPS) then closed the survey. The insights page for this survey still reflects the incomplete survey.

Note: Incomplete surveys answers will still have an overall score if the customer answers a value question type (NPS, Star Rating, CSAT, CES, SMiley, Yes/No).

Perfect! Now you know that all feedback coming from your surveys will be recorded and taken into account when Survey scores are calculated.

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