Labels give more character to your groups and locations.

Assigning labels to groups and locations allow you to view consolidated data related to each label.

For example, you can now select a label to view messages from locations with an assigned label. You can also view the Insights pages from the perspective of a label.

Assigning Labels to a Single Location or Group

First step is to Create a label.

  1. Go to the Locations & Groups page

  2. On the Labels section, click the plus (+) button to open the Add label pop up

  3. Type in the label name that you want to assign to the group or location on the search bar.

  4. If the label name does not exist, a Create {label name} will appear at the bottom of the pop up

  5. Click the Create button, the newly created label will be added to the list and pre-selected

  6. Finally, click the Check button at the top of the pop up to add the label. If the operation is successful, you will see a successful notification on your screen and you should see the labels you selected shown under the Labels section.

Note: when assigning labels, you can select multiple existing labels to assign to your group or location

Assigning Labels to Multiple Locations or Groups

To easily manage labels across your entire company:

  1. Click the location dropdown and click the label icon to show your assigned labels

  2. Go to Locations & Groups page - when you view the page of a label instead of a location/group, you will be presented with your company hierarchy list. Locations and brand pages that already has the selected label assigned to them will have its checkbox ticked

  3. Select the Groups, Locations, or Brand pages that you want to assign to your label

  4. Click Save changes when done

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