You may have noticed that when managing your Locations & Groups, a new modal appears when trying to disconnect your account.

When clicking the X button for a channel/account, instead of disconnecting it you are now presented with 2 options: Soft Reconnect and Hard Disconnect.

What is a Soft Reconnect?

Performing a Soft Reconnect is basically using the same account on that group or location, but you're refreshing your connection with that channel.

There are certain situations where new reviews and messages for a channel, like Facebook or Google, are not coming in your Inbox. It's possible that this is due to a broken connection. Sometimes, the easiest first step here is to refresh your connection by disconnecting the account then quickly reconnecting the same account.

With the Soft Reconnect feature, you can accomplish this in one simple flow. Click the X button, then click the Soft Reconnect button. With this action, there is no need to select your page from the dropdown list. AreTheyHappy will work its magic to re-establish connection with your account, and the best part is, you will not lose any data on your Inbox or Insights.

What about the Hard Disconnect?

Now, a Hard Disconnect is an action that you want to perform with care. When you do a Hard Disconnect, your account will be removed from your AreTheyHappy Location or Group, along with all data associated with it.

Of course, you can once again connect that same account. AreTheyHappy will happily grab all of your messages and reviews for your Inbox. However, Insights might need a few moments to recalculate before it all goes back to normal.

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