• [publisher] It is now possible to add up to 10 images/videos for Instagram

  • [publisher] While composing a new Instagram post, any selected media will now
    be verified for aspect ratio: a note will be shown if any selected media does not meet aspect ratio requirements each selected media that does not meet aspect ratio requirements will also have a small warning icon shown we will not block off publishing of media that does not meet aspect ratio requirements

  • [publicapi] 1.3: A new endpoint has been added to allow for retrieval of responses to surveys

  • [reports] A new visual download page instead of a blank page will now be shown when downloading reports from email links or download links inside reports

  • [insights] Survey insights in the webapp are now location-specific, meaning
    they take into account the currently selected group/location

  • [flow] A new flow condition called 'Empty' has been added which allows to match
    on empty feed items (an empty feed item is any feed without a
    title/text/attachments/menuitems/proscons). This allows for example to target
    reviews with only a star-rating

  • [inbox] To pair with the new 'Empty' flow condition, it is now also possible to
    filter the inbox on feeds that are empty or not empty

  • [inbox] Where available/applicable the inbox detail will now show the phone
    number of a customer

  • [inbox] It is now possible to remove survey answers straight from the inbox


  • [integrations] Due to additional access, we are now able to retrieve venue
    details (such as venue name) during Resengo connect. Existing Resengo
    connections have been migrated

  • [insights] Score/CES/NPS/CSAT widgets on survey insights will now show both the
    current and previous periods' average as well as the amount of survey responses
    they are based on

  • [insights] It is now possible to also filter on the AreTheyHappy Survey channel
    in the tags deepdive widget

  • [insights] It is now possible to filter on channel in the tags evolution

  • [general] Small styling improvements across the webapp

  • [ios] Due to new token synchronization, users in the the iOS mobile app will no
    longer have to relogin every day

  • [inbox] Optimizations have been rolled out which should heavily reduce the time
    it takes for the inbox to load up on larger (20K+) feeds

  • [insights] Optimizations have been rolled out which should reduce the time it
    takes for tags insights to be calculated on larger (50K+) tagging sets


  • [settings] We have removed the additional confirmation step for creating


  • [integrations] Fixed a glitch where Resengo reviews with new comments being
    added to them would not come back into the inbox if previously completed

  • [integrations] Fixed a glitch where loading older messages for Instagram DMs
    would no longer work (released midsprint)

  • [general] Fixed charts not rendering due to a CDN library becoming unavailable
    (released as hotfix)

  • [surveys] Fixed a glitch where traffic analysis would not take into account the
    'from' (eg: 'qr', 'email')

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