AreTheyHappy Flows is a powerful feature that helps you automate repetitive tasks in your Inbox.

In this article, we will discuss how to use Flows to Autorespond to empty inbox items.

You can create a Flow rule to automatically publish a reply to an inbox message that triggers your flow rule's conditions.

Autorespond Flow rules at least one (1) Quick Reply linked to it. They will be used as text templates for responses. You can link up to ten (10) quick replies to a flow rule, and the system will shuffle every time the autorespond flow rule is triggered.

Here's an example:

For every 4 or 5-star Facebook Recommendation or Google MyBusiness Review that is Empty.

AreTheyHappy will automatically send out one response/comment from the configured Quick Replies list to the review.

By default, under Options, the "Suggest Mode" is enabled as a safety precaution. In other words, by default, Flow Auto replies are set up to only suggest a response in the inbox. Disabling Suggest Mode means that Flows will start sending out responses automatically.

Comments or replies will have a a little, blue "lighting" badge if they were published by the Autoresponse feature

Autoresponse Options

There are two "Options" provided for Flow Rules.

  1. ⚠️"Suggest Mode" aka Response Suggestions

By default, Flow Auto replies are set up to only suggest a response in the inbox. Disabling "Suggest Mode" means that your responses will go out automatically, without manual intervention.

Note: This will also be the behavior if the autoresponse fails to respond to the post (due to connectivity issues, etc.) If there is a disruption and a response fails to go through, you will find these as suggestions in your Inbox.

2. ⚠️ Complete the Post once you successfully Auto-Respond

Enabling the "Automatically complete post on successful response" will ensure that posts responded to by Flow go straight to your completed folder.

Note: If you enable this option, DO NOT add the Flow Outcome Autocomplete

Note: Posts completed by flow rules will be marked with "Completed by Flow".

Here are some reminders:

  • The primary use case for Auto Respond are "Empty Reviews," i.e. a customer leaves a rating, but no text.

  • Where a review is "Not Empty," i.e. a customer leaves a Rating with some feedback/ text, do not auto-respond. By default, such replies should be set up to only suggest a response in the inbox, and a 'human agent' should click the final send or send and complete button.

  • Auto-responsding is only available for channels that allow responding

  • It is not available for the following channels: TripAdvisor, Gmail, MS Outlook

  • Quick Replies Language settings will also be applied to autoresponses

  • Other Quick Replies settings will also apply, i.e. location settings etc.

  • Automatic Responses will only be applied to posts that come in after you activate your Flow rule.

  • There is an inbox filter to only show posts Autoreplied by Flows.

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