Once you finish setting up your Survey, the next phase would be to spread it to your customers so that you can collect as much feedback as possible.

If you want to share a simple Survey URL, read this article.

However, you can generate Location-specific Survey Links and QR Codes (which contains the survey link). Using these links, you can skip the section of the survey that asks which location the customers visited.

Accessing the surveys using these links, the location question is automatically filled out and the survey answer is automatically linked to the location that the Survey share link is associated with.

To generate the location-specific Survey Links:

1 - Go to the Surveys list

2 - Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) o the survey you want to generate links for

3 - Click on Settings. A pop up modal will appear

4 - Click the Info tab. Under the Location-specific QR Code section, click the View List button

5 - Next, you will be presented with a list of locations (by default, only shows the locations configured for this survey). You can now choose one of the following:

  • Copy QR URL - the survey share link for that specific location will be copied to your clipboard

  • Download - the location-specific QR code will be downloaded to your device

  • Download All - all location-specific QR codes will be downloaded to your device (note: if you have 20 locations configured for a survey, 20 QR codes will be downloaded)

  • Download as CSV - an excel file will be downloaded containing all of the configured locations' Survey share link

After that, you can now print out those QR codes specific to your stores!

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