The Location Engagement Report (Excel) provides you and your team some insights on team performance.

This report contains the following KPI's:

  • Percentage of Completed Items

  • Percentage of Responded Items

  • Avg. Completion Times

  • Avg. Response Times

How to Download the Location Engagement Report

  1. Click the Insights header to access the Company Insights page

  2. Click the Download Report button to open the reports modal

  3. Select "Location Engagement (Excel)" as report type

  4. Select a period, then click the Select Locations button

  5. Select the Groups and/or Locations

  6. Lastly, click the Download button

Note: Depending on the number of locations and the period selected, it could take up to a couple of minutes to generate the report

A .xlsx file will be downloaded to your device for the Location Engagement Report.

The Report will contain these five (5) tabs that provide you various scopes:

Company - Period Overview

The Company Overview tab shows average data for all KPI's across the entire company.

This section of the report will show you how your company performs as a whole with a Monthly or Daily breakdown (depending on the period selected).

Company - Evolution

The Company Evolution tab will show the company's average engagement data for the year.

Regardless of what period you selected when downloading the report, this tab will always show a monthly breakdown for the current year.

All Inbox Items

The All Inbox Items tab shows an overview section of the different KPI's. The first table shows how your team engaged with inbox items based on sentiment (AI). If AI, which is normally an upgrade, is not enabled, sentiment subsections based on AI, i.e. positive, negative or neutral will not display.

Below the company overview, there is a Location Ranking table that shows each selected location's individual data. The locations selected for the report will be ranked according to the % of Completed Items.

Each KPI shows a breakdown of the (i) Previous Period, (ii) Selected Period, (iii) Inbox items count.

Only Reviews

The Only Reviews tab shows the same tables as All Inbox Items but only for "Review" items, i.e. Google or TripAdvisor.

By Review Channel

The Review Channel tab shows a breakdown of the different KPI's per channel type.

If you have any questions/suggestions/requests, please reach out via your support chat!


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