Changelog Release July 2022


  • [integrations] UberEats has been added as an integration, this integration will retrieve the latest reviews from UberEats daily for viewing in the inbox, as well as be available within insights/reports/flow.

  • [flow] It is now possible to configure 'Autorespond' outcomes on flow rules. The following behaviors are available:

    • Use a pool of quick replies which will automatically be picked from Rules/Languages within the quick replies will be applied during the autorespond process (eg: if a portuguese post is being autoresponded to and the selected quick reply has portuguese configured it will use the version)

    • Ability to autosuggest instead of autorespond (this will not respond but rather show up in the inbox to be approved before sending out)

    • Ability to autocomplete if a response is successful

  • [inbox] A new filter has been added which allows you to filter on posts which were autoresponded to, or have a suggested reply by flow (this filter is also available for smartfolders)

  • [inbox] Comments within the inbox detail that were posted by flow autorespond

    now have a visual cue

  • [inbox] The inbox respond component will now automatically show the suggested

    response from flow if one was suggested (or if one failed to post out)

  • [quickreplies] A new placeholder titled 'Required Text' has been added, this

    can be used to automatically insert the required reply text when using a quick

    reply (eg: Twitter only allows responding when the user being responded to is

    mentioned in the response)

  • [public-api] A new endpoint has been added for insertion of a single feedback


  • [public-api] Two new webhooks have been added to accompany the new single

    feedback insertion endpoint which will be triggered when the feed insertion has

    started and when the feed insertion finished

  • [public-api] A webhook will now be sent out if a company's meta information is


  • [reports] A new excel report download has been added called 'Location

    Engagement' which offers insights into the following data:

    • Response times

    • Response percentages

    • Completion times

    • Completion percentages

    • Number of inbox items

    • Sentiment distribution


  • [quick replies] A warning message will now be shown when trying to delete a

    quick reply that is used within a flow rule

  • [quick replies] A warning message will now be shown at the top of the page when

    editting a quick reply that is used within a flow rule

  • [tags] A warning message will now be shown when editing a tag that is used

    within a flow rule

  • [tags] A warning message will now be shown when deleting a tag that is used

    within a flow rule

  • [flow] All flow outcomes will now show a link to their helpcenter article

    within the flow interface

  • [reports] The default font size for excel reports has been reduced

  • [reports] User daily/weekly/monthly reports are now sent out at 6AM based on

    the user's timezone

  • [publisher] Improved load times for schedule/drafts/published retrieval

    (internal note: Athena hierarchy filtering)

  • [teamtasks] Improved load times for history/progress board/overview retrieval

    (internal note: Athena hierarchy filtering)

  • [identity] A password reset success email will now be sent out after a

    successful password reset (either through the personal settings on the webapp

    or through the forgot password flow)

  • [general] Styling improvements across the webapp to further ensure consistency

    by design


  • [settings] Fix glitch where survey detail modal group display would not behave

    correctly (released midsprint)

  • [inbox] Fix race condition where switching to a smartfolder would sometimes not

    apply the location selection from the smartfolder the first time the

    smartfolder is loaded (released midsprint)

  • [inbox] Currency symbols that are seen as part of the emoji unicode

    specification will no longer trigger validation on integrations where emoji are

    not supported (Tablemanager and Resengo)

  • [inbox] Fixed a graphical glitch where duplicate delete buttons would show up

    in the ellipsis menu when deleting a manual feedback item from the inbox.

  • [inbox] Fixed a glitch where completion times where off after last release. All

    impacted inbox items have been fixed. (released midsprint)

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where Danish takeaway pages would not be

    correctly providing data for the inbox. (released midsprint)

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where outlook emails would not come back into the

    inbox due to a sorting issue with timestamps (released midsprint)

  • [general] Fixed a graphical glitch where start/end dates would sometimes be

    incorrectly disabled when doing a custom period selection within insights


  • [general] Fixed a rare edge case glitch where certain pin code combinations

    during activation would not be correctly parsed, leading to the user needing to

    re-request an activation pin code

  • [surveys] Fixed an edge case glitch where public title/description would not

    display in the surveys setting modal

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