Using AreTheyHappy Email Digests, you can now configure the reports of your choice to be sent out via email to your team daily, weekly, or monthly!

Select from the list of Insights Reports on AreTheyHappy to send out to your email and 4 other colleagues on a regular basis.

Creating an Email Digest

1 - Log in to your account, make sure that you have the user permissions to create Email Digests.

2 - Go to the Notifications page.

3 - Click the 'Add email digest' button

4 - Select the Report Type, Period, Frequency, Hour/Day that the report will be sent out.

5 - Select which locations' data will be included in the report

6 - Select the email addresses that will be receiving the email digest. You can select from existing AreTheyHappy accounts within your company or type in email addresses manually (max 5 emails).

Note: be mindful of which email addresses you add. Multiple email digests (from different users) for the same email address will result in duplicate emails.

7 - Check your email for your report. Click the 'Download Report' button to generate and download your report locally to your device.

Note: Each user (with email digest create permissions) can create up to 5 email digests.

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