Facebook rolled out an update to how marketing teams can access/manage their Facebook pages: the Facebook New Pages Experience.

If your business pages have been converted to the new pages experience, then you will find this article on helpful. In this article, we will discuss how the new pages experience's user management and roles have been changed.

What are User Tasks?

In the new pages experience, user accounts no longer have "roles" (such as Admin, Editor, etc.) but instead, they are assigned with "Tasks":

  1. Content - Create, manage or delete posts, stories and more as the Page.

  2. Messages - Respond to direct messages as the Page.

  3. Community Activity - Review and respond to comments, remove unwanted comments and report activity.

  4. Ads - Create, manage and delete ads for the Page.

  5. Insights - See how the Page, content and ads perform.

Note: we suggest that accounts used to connect Facebook pages to AreTheyHappy are granted with ALL TASKS.

If the account used to connect your Facebook page to your AreTheyHappy location is missing one or more tasks, a warning badge will be shown on your location's Facebook integration on the Locations & Groups page.

To learn how to assign tasks to your page admin, please read this help article.

Hovering over the warning badge will show a tooltip that says which specific task is missing.

Example: This connection is missing permission(s) to read ads. Please reconnect.

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